Berks County Horticulture Club

flowersHistory of the Berks County Horticulture Club

The club was founded in 1986 to promote interest in gardening by providing education to home gardeners. Judy Schwank, who was then the extension coordinator, helped to establish the Hort Club.

By presenting lectures, workshops, demonstrations, tours, plant exchanges, home and nursery tours, the club has been successful in promoting all phases of gardening and providing something of interest for everyone. While we like our meetings to be enjoyable, education is our primary purpose.

Club Presidents:

  • 1986-1987   Wilma Cupp
  • 1987-1997   Justina Campbell
  • 1997-2008   Patrick Abel
  • 2008-2016   Pat Magala
  • 2016-2017   Justina Campbell
  • 2017-2018   Vicky Sokoloff
  • 2018    Michele Emerson

Recent Programs and Speakers:

Greg Tepper from Mt Cuba Center; High Octane Bulbing by George Weigel; Fall Planting: A Preparation for Spring by Rich Hawk; Craft Workshop: Botanical Art for Anyone by Margaret Saylor; Terry Gerhart, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited; Beekeeper Jim Griesemer; Rolling with the Weather Punches by George Weigel; John Scala WGAL-TV meteorologist; Jordanna Sprayberry, bumblebee researcher at Muhlenberg College; Vertical Gardening by Tina Erhig; Seasonal Color for the Porch, Patio & Balcony Kelsey Binkley of Tudbink’s Farm Greenhouse; Barbara Tiffany of The Gardens at Mill Fleurs; Welcome Wildlife by Linda Ingram.







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